One of the few certified Tibetan Acupressure Compassionate Touch practitioners in Australia, Sendy was trained in the first class ever taught in Australia in 2010. She assisted master healer and founder of the system, Rae Hatherton, N.D. in subsequent Australian teaching tours.

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This is a little story of how she first connected with TACT:

"TACT came to me serendipitously at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat. I was a novice doing unsupervised yoga on my own before the day’s teachings started and managed to seize my back in a shoulder stand. When Rae found me I was on all fours on the ground and unable to move at all. She pressed around all over my body while I focused on just breathing while in delirious pain. Less than an hour later I got up and walked off. I was already carrying light backpacks after a couple of days and was almost completely healed a few days later.


Naturally, I was curious to see what she was doing when I saw her doing it on other people. Rae explained that she was teaching a Tibetan acupressure course here for the first time in Australia and too bad I couldn’t come. “Why can’t I come?!” was my response. So I flew to Canberra and trained The rest is history. Meeting TACT turned out to be an unexpected

waterfall of blessings."

Phone Sendy: +61 (0)424 427 775    |     Email: sendy@tibetanacupressure.com.au

Address: Vaucluse, NSW

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Phone Sendy: +61 (0)424 427 775

Email: sendy@tibetanacupressure.com.au

Address: Vaucluse, NSW