"I had my first TACT session with Sendy in preparation for upcoming surgery. At this time I was also experiencing pain behind my left knee and a sore neck.


Sendy immediately helped me feel comfortable and at ease and briefly explained what the session consisted of. The actual experience was incredibly calming, very much like being in a deep relaxed meditative state. My whole body felt as though it was being cared for as Sendy progressively worked from my feet up towards the crown.


The following day I felt great, energised and the pain behind my knee was no longer there, I could kneel comfortably which beforehand I was unable to do."



Yoga teacher / yoga therapist

"After suffering a bad knee injury from a motorcycle accident, I found TACT sessions immensely helped with pain relief, inflammation and especially healing. My healing progress has definitely accelerated with Sendy's treatments, which surprised and pleased my surgeon and physiotherapist.


The physical pain isn't the only thing which Sendy has helped me with. During the accident and after I was suffering from mental and emotional stress. As the sessions progressed, I have had many cleansing experiences in which I became very clear minded and in tune with my mind, body and soul.


Being treated by Sendy has been fantastic, not only because of my injury but also the improvement of my stress levels, spirituality and general wellbeing.


I would recommend TACT to anyone who wants any kind of relief or enlightenment."



Business owner

"I went on a journey. I feel so calm and free. Unburdened. Like someone’s just pulled a plug and all the bad energy has been released. Total, pure serenity. That’s what it is. It was something else, I tell you."



Pharmacy Assistant, Rose Bay North Pharmacy

"I first contacted Sendy about my rLung condition and my central channel was out of alignment. After a series of TACT sessions, senses of me are coming back now and I am connecting to my childhood. I feel comfortable to open. The spaciousness I experience teaches and nurtures me - in that space, there's no need to ask. I see the grasping part of me clearer and the treatment was right on the button, so profound. I also had an old motor accident injury in my foot that caused chronic pain which is lessening, and walking is more relaxed. Now there is less grasping at pushing away or wanting to fix.


It was a lesson in compassion."




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Phone Sendy: +61 (0)424 427 775

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Address: Vaucluse, NSW